Bonnie - Architecture

Bonnie came to Los Técnicos from Australia, and has a Masters of Architecture and Bachelor of Environmental Design from the University of Western Australia.  She has worked as a graduate architect in Australia, the Philippines, and Guatemala, and designed green buildings and conventional buildings in locations around the world.

Bonnie enjoys working with re-purposed materials in construction, and aims to increase awareness of humanitarian architectural projects as she believes that suitable design and integration of new skills can greatly benefit communities of developing countries.

Fredy - Construction

Fredy was born and raised in Comalapa and lives with his parents, five brothers, and two sisters.  Previously he worked for two years with his father in Guatemala City as a water delivery truck driver.  Fredy graduated from trade school, specializing in computer software programs, and has been working for us on-and-off since 2008.

Fredy says the most important skill he is taking away from his employment at the Técnico Chixot project site is how to take care of the environment and convert trash into a form of building material. He also really enjoys traveling for our offsite builds having participated in several in rural locations of Guatemala, as well as the projects in Bogotá, Colombia, and La Guajira, Venezuela.

Hugo - Construction

A mason since the age of 18, Hugo has a wife and three young girls to support.  Since February 2011, he has quickly risen in the construction crew ranks.  After several years in traditional construction, he says he’s happy to be gaining new skills including laying electrical work, working with tires and discovering how water affects concrete strength.

Hugo thinks that this way of building with trash is going to be the school project’s biggest contribution to the community.  He personally talks to his children about not littering and educates them about alternative options.  He plans to stay with the team until the school is complete and afterward continue working as a mason, perhaps even here with the vocational students.

ROMEO - Construction

Romeo is 29 years old and lives with his mother, wife, and son, in a house near the Centro Educativo Técnico Chixot construction site.  Romeo came to us in February 2009 with years of corn farming experience.  When Romeo started working with us he was an unskilled construction worker.  He now serves as our Foreman.

Romeo sees the economic and environmental benefits of harvesting available materials for construction instead of investing in new materials.  He is enthusiastic about teaching others what he has learned.  Romeo likes working with diverse groups and has had the opportunity to learn about different people and new cultures through projects in Venezuela, South Africa, and rural Guatemala.  He hopes to continue working with this kind of construction.

Mateo - Operations

Matt came to Guatemala with the Peace Corps in 2002 and was stationed in the town of Comalapa.  At the end of his service, his in-country counterpart, the director of a local NGO, requested Matt’s help in transforming a five-acre piece of land into a community park.  When the director of a local primary school approached him for help, he and his team decided the solution was to build a school that addressed three key issues: employment, education and the environment. 

A Texas native, Matt was a paramedic in Virginia prior to his Peace Corps service. When he’s not offsite fundraising, he lives at the construction site with his dog, Suz.  Matt has a Bachelor’s in Sustainability and recently completed his Masters in Education at Goddard College.