About Us

Los Técnicos is a unique partnership between a for-profit construction company and a non-profit organization called Long Way Home, dedicated to building sustainable schools, its flagship project, the Centro Educativo Técnico Chixot in San Juan Comalapa, Guatemala.  All the Los Técnicos profits go to funding this school construction, while the school provides a base of operations for sustainable research and development. Additionally, the school gives employees and volunteers a very real and full-hearted sense of purpose.

Our Services 

  • Designing, consulting, and constructing radically sustainable buildings that empower residents to live more sustainable and self-sufficient lives.  We build everything using tires, earth, bamboo, and trash bottles, with integrated renewable energy systems (solar, wind, electric), rainwater catchment, and grey and black-water botanical cells.
  • Hosting international volunteers for green-building projects around the world
  • Providing open source architectural drawings and building information from all of our projects, including some instructional videos on our building methods
  • Giving all of our profits to support the Los Técnicos Education Center in Guatemala

Our Values

  • Sustainable, grass roots development is necessary to abate poverty

Impoverished communities struggle for basic sustenance and affordable and easy-to-implement sustainable technologies can drastically improve living standards.  These technologies include:

  • Building from natural and re-purposed materials
  • Renewable energy harvesting
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Organic food production
  • On-site waste assimilation using botanical and alternative systems
  • Heating and cooling using passive and thermal mass construction

Los Técnicos charges minimal fees for construction projects and design services, and all of these profits go directly into funding the Técnico Chixot School in Comalapa, Guatemala.  We greatly appreciate donations that support to this cause, and have found that the only way to alleviate poverty is by creating economic opportunity in the community through employment and education.